Pat M

Jeff did an outstanding job crafting my resume. We met to discuss my career opportunities and where I visualized myself going in the future. He helped me to network myself and ultimately land the job offer I wanted. I highly recommend Jeff and his career consulting services. Pat M

Nancy R

Jeff is an excellent career coach and a genuinely wonderful person to know and work with. Jeff’s personable nature combined with his ability to analyze, communicate and facilitate a collaborative effort, led me to a successful outcome in very short measure. With Jeff’s guidance, I was able to focus, target and realize my objectives. Jeff is a truly dynamic and an effective career coach that I would recommend to anyone seeking a career transition or interested in maximizing their potential.

Gina M

It was a pleasure working with Jeff! He is very professional and his strong knowledge of the job market and his positive outlook got me on the right path to find a great job in just two weeks! Jeff is a great coach and a wonderful career consultant. I could not have found a better person to help me upgrade my resume and keep me focused on my professional goal. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jeff, he made such a huge difference in my job search, and I recommend him highly.

Dana F

Jeff has been extremely hands on and helpful while I was going through my current career transition. He has a very professional approach and was very easily accessible anytime I had a job related question or an idea that I needed to bounce off of him. Jeff helped me focus on companies and offered me ideas and skills that I could use toward my career goal. I would highly recommend Jeff for anyone looking to make a career change, or who needs a resume created or career advice.

Rich L

Jeff is true and dedicated professional that provides career counseling and coaching services that is unparalleled in today’s market. His professionalism and ability to guide folks through today’s challenging, and ever changing job market is invaluable. In addition to his services, Jeff has in-depth knowledge in the recruiting process along with keen business insight that affords people the ability to refine their job search and hone their resume to ensure it captured the recipient’s attention. Further the personal touch he adds to each client, including his willingness and follow up to spend the time needed to ensure your success is impeccable and rarely found in businesses today. I strongly feel due to Jeff’s work, dedication and abilities I was able to land a new job in 6 weeks where most of my colleagues have taken more than 1 year to find the right move. Rich L

Jayne B

I have used Jeff’s services three times. His diversity and simply exceptional service makes him stand out. His resume writing is far superior as well as letters of introduction. My son’s resume for grad school truly was a key factor in his acceptance. His resume, networking and recruiting has landed my mother a fabulous job. Jeff constantly follows through and his professionalism is refreshing in today’s market. His positive outlook and knowledge gets the job done quickly and efficiently. He is a consummate professional and I consider him a friend as well.

Michael B

Jeff Brockman is a highly effective career coach. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff and he has demonstrated a refreshing mix of professionalism, commitment, and creativity in producing excellent results. From the outset, I was impressed with Jeff’s ability to tailor a structured approach to meet my specific needs. One key strength is Jeff’s adept listening skills, allowing him to get to the core issues challenging someone going into the job market. By working with Jeff, I now have a defined set of objectives, as well as a resume and cover letter that open doors for me. I will gladly recommend Jeff’s services to others.

Brian P

Jeff and I have worked together for the past several months to develop a long-term professional growth strategy. During that time Jeff has always displayed a level of focus and committment that far exceeded my expectations. Jeff was very personable and took the time necessary to understand my professional and personal goals and objectives. I was most impressed with Jeff’s proven track record. He was able to quickly convert his industry experience into actionable guidance to assist me in acheiving my professional goals. I would highly recommend Jeff to any professional that desires a career consultant that can deliver results.

Amy B

Working with Jeff has given me the ability to see all the accomplishments I’ve made in my life. What Jeff did to my resume was amazing and I am very proud to show it off! He has recommended me to a lot of people that I am working with today. He is a great listener & a motivator. Jeff has helped me acknowledge what I really want to do in my life…I will forever be grateful to Jeff.

Kirk W

Jeff is as reliable as they come in the world of career consulting. He always provides fresh new leads, solid contacts and great advice. Whether it be how to handle a high-level interview, or providing a subtle tip for an important meeting… you can count on Jeff to be right on the money.

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