About Us

unnamedWho Is Career Transition Resources? Career Transition Resources was founded by Jeff Brockman in 2005.  Jeff has over 16 years of Recruiting experience with over half his career Recruiting on the Corporate side from Fortune 100 companies to small business, in both Commercial and Government contracting environments. 

Career Transition Resources is a true collaborative and consultative career consulting and coaching firm. We take a “High Touch” approach and provide our clients with real world expertise that is designed to give that “Competitive Edge” in today’s dynamic and ever changing job market.

Our Philosophy is simple,

– Ensure your cover letter and resume are relevant to whatever position you’re applying for

– Ensure that cover letter and resume make it to the hands of a decision maker

At Career Transition Resources everything we do is in the spirit of the above 2 steps.  Our unique consultative and collaborative process is simplistic, makes sense, is scalable and empowering.  Our clients become their own Career Consultants using tools and resources they can engage anytime throughout their Careers!

FROM branding,
TO our unique cover letter resume process,
TO our personalized marketing planning and execution process,
TO interview prep and debrief process,
AND ongoing real time sound-boarding through the entire process

You’ll find very quickly that there’s a relevant and methodical purpose through each of these steps.

Our Value & What Sets Us Apart
Living and breathing recruiting from the corporate side.
This expertise and perspective ensures that you’ll possess the right tools to circumvent the traditional job search methodology by understand exactly what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for and make their job easier which in turn makes you a more attractive candidate.

You have an advocate on your side who’s reviewed tens of thousands of resumes, interviewed tens of thousands of candidates through the process and has been part of hiring thousands of professionals from high level executives down through interns and every level in between.  We know what the DNA of a successful process is and leverage our entire arsenal on behalf of our clients.

Toni C.

Jeff was very positive and motivational and helped me in every aspect of my job search! The transformation he made in my resume was what led me to getting interviews. I recommend him highly.

John K.

Jeff has been an ongoing asset for me with my career transition. Always willing to take the time to explain to me what are the best methods in marketing myself and tips for networking. Jeff is always just a phone call away and is happy to answer all questions with a personable approach that really has helped to put me at ease and given me confidence to move forward. His conference call sessions are informative and he engages all the participants equally. I have greatly increased my profile with Jeff’s guidance and mentoring. A great choice.

Jeff G

Jeff Brockman is an amazing resource and partner for anyone who is looking to plan their next career move. He can help you polish your resume, but he does much, much more than that. He leverages his extensive network for your benefit and he checks in with you on a regular basis to offer encouragement and coaching. For anyone who is doing a job search or just thinking about planning your next career move, I recommend Jeff Brockman without hesitation. He’s a great guy to have in your corner.