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Company News

Career Transition Resources is going brick and mortar! Career Transition Resources is going brick and mortar!

We’ve gone brick and mortar again, this time in Raleigh North Carolina!  Located in the Executive Suites at Lafayette Village. Our new office in Raleigh creates an opportunity for ongoing career transition education with ample conference room space and top notch presentation technology.  As we... 

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Are You "In The Know"?

Are You “In The Know”? Are You “In The Know”?

Staying competitive and maintaining an edge in todays job market goes way beyond sending the same resume in for every job you apply for and waiting for a response.  Working smart over the same old same old is the key to success.  How to get smart?  Think like a Recruiter and Hiring Manager think. This... 

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Industry News

Industry News Industry News

The year may start with a whimper, as political dickering in Washington casts a pall over the economy and businesses and consumers sit on their wallets. But if politicians get their act together and resolve some big tax and spending issues, the economy could pick up steam in 2013, especially in the... 

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Career Transition Resources Promos!!

Career Transition Resources Promos!!! Career Transition Resources Promos!!!

  The Holiday Season!! A time of hope, renewal and appreciation for family and friends. It’s also a time of reflection, new beginnings and setting in motion life changing plans and goals.   Career Transition Resources recognizes and values what it takes to set those goals in motion and... 

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